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1516-U4 Magazine 4-shot, cal. .22 WMR

Suitable for 1516 series models in caliber .22 WMR, made of robust stainless steel.
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Item no.: 012960

1780-U5b Magazine 5-shot, cal. .308 Win.

The magazine holds five cartridges, is made of robust stainless steel and is therefore resistant to dust, dirt and water. Convenient handling of the magazine due to the flat, handy magazine base. The magazine sits securely and firmly in the magazine guide and is particularly easy to...
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item no.: 011752

4846 Single loader adapter, cal. .22 l.r.

The single loader adapter is designed to fit neatly into the magazine guide. This allows the rifle to be loaded one shot at a time. For repeaters caliber .22 l.r.
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Item no.: 001485

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