APR Accessories

THE original from ANSCHÜTZ

Here you will find our original ANSCHÜTZ accessories especially developed for the ANSCHÜTZ Precision Rifles. Our complete range of accessories can also be found in our current sales price list, which you can download here.

507 Cleaning set (cord and wicks)

The cleaning wicks press into the rifling of the barrel and remove all powder and dirt residues. No need to remove the lock. For long guns and pistols. Tear-resistant up to 60 kg. For all caliber including air rifles. Very light and fits everywhere....
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Item no.: 001491

508 Cleaning wicks

Refill pack for art. no. 001491. 32 cleaning wicks for long guns and pistols.
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Item no.: 001492

JW-barrel cleaner (Patches)

100 pieces, for all caliber, very absorbent, extremely tear-resistant, low linting.
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Item no.: 011602

Cleaning rod with PVC-grip 3,5

Cleaning kit incl. cleaning rod with rubber coating and PVC-grip. For rifles caliber .22 l.r.
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Item no.: 011603

Cleaning rod guide for model 1761

The new ANSCHÜTZ cleaning rod guide makes it easy to clean the ANSCHÜTZ 1761 in one simple operation. Simply remove the bolt and your magazine, install the cleaning rod guide just like your bolt. It locks into place with the catch on the receiver .Suitable...
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Item no.: 015655

Cleaning kit (brass brush and cleaning rod)

Cleaning set (brass brush and cleaning rod). cleaning rod made of steel Ø 3.5 mm with PVC coating. Not thicker than Ø 5.3 mm, with PVC-grip, L=880 mm. Up to beginning of handle with W1/8" external thread. For caliber .22 l.r.
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Item no.: 011604

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