1913 benchrest

Smallest scattering circles guaranteed

Specially developed and perfected for the precision discipline benchrest

For the discipline benchrest, which is geared towards maximum precision, ANSCHÜTZ has embedded the target small bore barreled action 1913 in a specially developed benchrest stock BR-50. This combination offers the best basis for the smallest scattering circles.


Barreled action - 1913

The allrounder target small bore barreled action

The reinforced muzzle is equipped with an 11 mm prism rail , which makes it possible to mount a front sight .

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High-precision ANSCHÜTZ target barrel.

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The sleeve is equipped with an 11 mm prism rail , for attaching a diopter or a scope mount.

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When the Barreled action is in the tensioned state, a red indicator pin sticks out.

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The bolt knob is made of high-strength synthetic.

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The ANSCHÜTZ small bore barreled action for entry into the world of small bore shooting. Highest precision, solid workmanship, an always even ejection of the empty cartridge cases. This Barreled action offers everything you need for a successful start into the world of small bore shooting.

Trigger - 5018

The perfect interface between man and rifle

The robust housing of the trigger protects the high-precision fine parts.

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The trigger blade can be adjusted in many ways. Whether swivelling, sliding or adjusting the height - this trigger blade leaves nothing to be desired.

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The smooth-running sliding safety guarantees maximum safety.

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ANSCHÜTZ Triggers are known worldwide for their quality. The trigger 5018, which breaks like glass, leaves nothing to be desired. With an adjusted trigger weight of 125 g, this trigger leaves our factory in Ulm. The trigger weight can be adjusted from 60 g - 490 g to suit your individual needs. The trigger blade can be moved, swivelled and adjusted in height. There is nothing better!

Stock - BR 50 Walnut

Specially developed for benchrest-shooting

The rubber butt plate 4709A can be adjusted in height and swivelled. This butt plate offers a wide and non-slip contact surface in the shoulder.

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The grip section of the stock is kept straight in order to guide the trigger hand always in the same position to the trigger , and thus to ensure a neat benchrest of the trigger finger on the trigger blade . 2 of 4

The wide and absolutely flat fore-end can be replaced quickly and easily if damaged. This guarantees a flat fore-end at all times.

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The BR 50 benchrest stock is made of beautifully grown walnut.

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The BR 50 benchrest stock made of beautifully grown walnut wood was specially developed for benchrest shooting. The natural stock is equipped with a very wide and flat fore-end to obtain a maximum contact surface and thus achieve the smallest scattering circles.

Scope of delivery

The following items are always included in the delivery, regardless of how you configure the product!

  • Tool set
  • Styrofoam transport box


Your personal 1913 benchrest - Completely according to your wishes

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    Sight sets

    The goal always in sight

    sight set 7020/20 complete with front sight M18

    sight set 6834 complete with front sight M18

    Recommended accessories for your target small bore rifle

    For the finishing touch

    sight raiser blockXXL

    18 mm height

    spacer 4709P

    To extend the buttstock length by 8 mm, in combination with the rubber butt plate 4709A

    rubber eyeshade

    Extension for sight disc aperture

    sight raiser block6817

    The sight raiser block6817 increases the sighting lineby 8 mm. This allows you to further optimise your position.

    Soft case for hunters and target shooters

    For the safe transport of your hunting or sporting rifle. As a special feature, the new carrying strap system allows you to carry the case on your back - incl. case lock.



    Sight sets
    Recommended accessories for your target small bore rifle

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