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THE original from ANSCHÜTZ

Here you will find our original ANSCHÜTZ accessories specially developed for the target shooting . You can also find our complete range of accessories in our current sales price list, which you can download here.

ANSCHÜTZ - Sticker - Logo red

ANSCHÜTZ logo sticker, on transparent adhesive foil.
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Item no.: 014474

ANSCHÜTZ - Patch - Logo red

ANSCHÜTZ logo patch, made of high-quality and robust yarn.
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Item no.: 001658

ANSCHÜTZ - Eye shield

ANSCHÜTZ eye shield in white.
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item no.: 009077

ANSCHÜTZ - Cap Sport - black with red logo

ANSCHÜTZ caps, made of robust fabric that is ideal for all outdoor activities. The cap can be adjusted in size. With elegant ANSCHÜTZ embroidery.
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Item no.: 001568

ANSCHÜTZ - STARlight Champagne goblets with Logo

The beautiful goblets convince with their soft goblet shape and drawn stem and thus have a great feel and perfect optical balance. The engraved ANSCHÜTZ logo makes them an absolute eye-catcher at first sight.
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Item no.: 016250

ANSCHÜTZ - Fan Backpack

ANSCHÜTZ Backpack, the sporty backpack that will serve you well in everyday life. The large interior and the patch front pocket offer plenty of storage space. Large zips for comfortable operation. Quickly adjustable carrying strap system to optimally adjust the size...
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Item no.: 007229


Clip-on pin with ANSCHÜTZ logo.
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Item no.: 011832

ANSCHÜTZ - Metal Logo Keychain

ANSCHÜTZ logo key fob, made of robust stainless steel and therefore resistant to dust, dirt and water.
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Item no.: 016157

ANSCHÜTZ - Longdrink Glass EVENT with Logo

Whether in the hunting lodge, the shooting club or at home on the sofa: with the ANSCHÜTZ long drink glass, you can enjoy your drinks in style. The bulbous glass fits comfortably in the hand and tapers slightly towards the top. This means that all drinks, from apple juice to whiskey, can be optimally...
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Item no.: 016217

ANSCHÜTZ - Patch - Logo red - for ironing on

The ANSCHÜTZ logo patch has an adhesive strip on the back that is heated by ironing and bonds to the fabric of the garment and holds firmly. Additional adhesive is not needed. The patch is suitable for almost all textiles (shirts, jackets, backpacks, bags etc.). To...
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Item no.: 016356

ANSCHÜTZ - Polo Shirt ONE black

ANSCHÜTZ polo shirt, the high-quality polo shirt made of 100% cotton with embroidered ONE logo on the chest.
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Item no.: Depending on selection

ANSCHÜTZ - Polo Shirt black

ANSCHÜTZ polo shirt, the high-quality polo shirt made of 100% cotton with embroidered ANSCHÜTZ logo on the chest.
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Item no.: Depending on selection

ANSCHÜTZ - Exquisit Royal red wine glass with logo

The slightly bulbous shape allows the wine to fully develop its aroma, which is also reflected in the taste - the glass from which the wine is drunk has an influence on the taste. The wine glass is particularly robust and break-resistant - a quality like mouth-blown and...
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Item no.: 016201

ANSCHÜTZ - Beach bag red-white with logo

With this large beach bag you can comfortably enjoy your next beach holiday as it offers more than enough storage space for your swimwear, towels, valuables, wallet, etc. The Grips are made of nautical rope cord and are easy to carry over your shoulder,...
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Item no.: 016195

ANSCHÜTZ - Carrier bag (black) with logo, fleece

High quality and reusable carrier bag with printed ANSCHÜTZ logo.
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item no.: 016756

Anschütz Fan Jacket

Stylish and practical Uhlsport multifunctional jacket with printed ANSCHÜTZ logo on the left chest. Two zipped pockets offer sufficient space. Thanks to the detachable sleeves, the jacket can also be worn as a waistcoat in warmer weather.
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item no.: 016710X

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