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Here you will find our original ANSCHÜTZ accessories specially developed for the target shooting . You can also find our complete range of accessories in our current sales price list, which you can download here.

4759 butt plate, versatile adjustable

item no.: 001127

For many target shooters the radii of the rubber caps are too large. This results in stop errors. This problem can be easily solved with the butt plate model 4759. The infinitely variable adjustment of the shoulder width and the swivel range always allows an optimal adjustment. The aluminium butt plate can be screwed directly onto straight buttstocks. Requires hexagon socket 4. Advantages: Lightweight, high-strength aluminium construction. Very easy to adjust. Angle adjustment directly on the aluminium cap, thus avoiding angle errors. Versatile and individually adjustable. User-friendly adjustment elements. Quickly reproducible settings due to clear scales. On model 4759, anti-slip profile on the shoulder support surface. Rounded edges. Vertically and horizontally adjustable as well as laterally tilting. Angle of upper sash can be adjusted directly from the front by means of a new type of clamp. Shoulder width adjustable. Stepless length adjustment by means of the carrier 4759-2000 with column guide and stop nuts. Fastening elements included.

Technical data

25 mm
150 g
105 mm
30 mm
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