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Here you will find our original ANSCHÜTZ accessories specially developed for the target shooting . You can also find our complete range of accessories in our current sales price list, which you can download here.

sight raiser block XXL 18 mm

item no.: 016644

Two-part, with strong clamping, for prism milling 11 - 13 mm. When mounted, the sighting line increases by 18 mm. The 20 mm increase offers advantages especially at standing position- and kneeling-position. When aiming at the target, the entanglement of the head is reduced to a minimum, thus largely avoiding tension in the neck or back area. The sight raiser block may be used in all air and small bore rifle disciplines. 

Question: Does the visor rail elevation also fit on ANSCHÜTZ model 1913?
Answer: The sight raiser block fits all weapons with 11 mm prism rail, including the 1913.

Technical data

20 mm
60 g
20 mm
55 mm
35 mm
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