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Here you will find our original ANSCHÜTZ accessories specially developed for the target shooting . You can also find our complete range of accessories in our current sales price list, which you can download here.

1913 BR50-U2 walnut stock with 4709A - stock

item no.: 016631

The BR 50 benchrest stock made of beautifully grown walnut wood was specially designed for benchrest-shooting. The natural stock is equipped with a very wide and flat fore-end to obtain a maximum contact surface and thus achieve the smallest scattering circles.The rubber butt plate 4709A can be adjusted in height and swiveled. This butt plate provides a wide and non-slip contact surface in the shoulder. The grip section of the stock is kept straight to keep the trigger hand always in the same position to the trigger , thus ensuring proper benchrest of the trigger finger on the trigger blade . The wide and absolutely flat fore-end can be quickly and easily replaced if damaged. This guarantees a flat fore-end at all times.

Technical data

Stock - Designation:
Stock - Weight approx:
1.400 g
Stock - Butt plate:
4709 A rubber butt plate
Stock - Length:
355 - 358 mm
Stock - Total length:
755 mm
Stock - Material:
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