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Here you will find our original ANSCHÜTZ accessories specially developed for the target shooting . You can also find our complete range of accessories in our current sales price list, which you can download here.

1913L-U2 barreled action-Left ++++

item no.: 000192

The ANSCHÜTZ small bore barreled action for entry into the world of small bore shooting. Highest precision, solid workmanship, an always even eject of empty cartridge cases. This Barreled action offers everything you need for a successful start into the world of small bore shooting. When the Barreled action is cocked, a red indicator pin sticks out. The bolt knob is made of high-strength synthetic. The case is equipped with an 11 mm prism rail , for attaching a diopter or a scope mount. High-precision ANSCHÜTZ target barrel. The reinforced muzzle is equipped with an 11 mm prism rail, which makes it possible to mount a front sight.

Technical data

Trigger - Type:
two stage trigger
Trigger - Weight adjustment range:
60 - 490 g
Trigger - Weight set to:
125 g
Trigger - Adjustability ignition left/right:
11 mm
Trigger - Adjustability forward/backward:
23 mm
Caliber - Art:
.22 l.r.
Caliber - twist rate:
420 mm
Caliber - number of grooves:
Barrel - Thread:
Without barrel thread
Barrel - Length:
690 mm
Barrel - Muzzle diameter:
25.7 mm
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