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Here you will find our original ANSCHÜTZ accessories specially developed for the target shooting . You can also find our complete range of accessories in our current sales price list, which you can download here.

ONE stock grip "L"

The design should not be determined by the technology, but design and technology must work together in an unprecedented and unique combination. This is how this new, innovative and ergonomic stock design was created in cooperation with renowned designers and our engineers. Its incredibly narrow construction gives the shooter a feeling of freedom in the position that has never been known before. Discover these new, unprecedented possibilities for yourself and your success. Thanks to the innovative and absolutely stable parallel adjustment, with the patent-pending quick release, the height of the buttstock can be adjusted with just one screw. The butt plate always remains at the same angle. The cheek piece can be adjusted steplessly in almost any direction and can thus be optimally adapted to any shooter. By simply loosening just one screw, the buttstock incl. grip can be separated from the fore-end in a matter of seconds and then reassembled with repeat accuracy and backlash-free to form a 100% tight connection. The high-strength fore-end encloses the cartridge, creates stability and offers space for further additional weights. Thanks to the innovative adjustment of the fore-end raiser block, the hand rest can be moved along the fore-end and rotated directly under the barrel axis. This optimised centre of gravity ensures maximum rest stability. Furthermore, the rifle can be converted to a benchrest version in just a few steps. The fore-end raiser block, with the patent-pending ANSCHÜTZ quick-release fastener, offers the possibility of continuously adjusting the height of the hand rest. The displayed dimension indicates the absolute distance of the hand rest to the barrel axis. The integrated aluminiumUIT rail offers the possibility to mount a hand stop. Bearing block for optimal alignment of the air rifle precision barrel. Furthermore, there is an integrated thread on the underside for attaching a ONE bipod. This allows the ONE air rifle to be parked safely.

Grip size

item no.: 014186

Technical data

Grip size:
Stock - Designation:
Stock - Weight approx:
2.000 g
Stock - Butt plate:
ONE stainless steelbutt plate
Stock - Length:
300 - 420 mm
Stock - Total length:
755 - 857 mm
Stock - Material:
aluminum, steel
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