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54.30 barreled action 660 mm barrel

item no.: 013867

The small bore barreled action Match 54.30 features the following points:
The basis for the new development is the well-known and proven Barreled action Match 54.
The ejection window has been moved back by 30 mm and reduced in size by 18%.
This improves the ergonomics when shooting and increases the stiffness of the case by 33%.
The bolt and the firing pin were shortened by 30 mm.
The weight of the firing pin has been reduced, thus reducing the locktime with the same force of the firing pin spring.
The shooting performance is further improved by the newly developed match cartridge bearing.
In the Barreled action Match 54.30, the barrel is screwed deeply into the sleeve in order to distribute the tension created in the joint as evenly as possible and over a large area.
The Barreled action Match 54.30 can be installed in all stocks that fit the ANSCHÜTZ barreled actions 1907 or 1913.
Maintenance-friendly and durable overall construction, as usual with ANSCHÜTZ.

Technical data

Trigger - Type:
two stage trigger
Trigger - Weight adjustment range:
60 - 490 g
Trigger - Weight set to:
125 g
Trigger - Adjustability ignition left/right:
11 mm
Trigger - Adjustability forward/backward:
23 mm
Caliber - Art:
.22 l.r.
Caliber - twist rate:
420 mm
Caliber - number of grooves:
Barrel - Thread:
Without barrel thread
Barrel - Length:
660 mm
Barrel - Muzzle diameter:
24 mm
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