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LG CLUB laminated wood stock with rubber butt plate 4709A

item no.: 009176

Recommended model for beginners and clubs. Right/left laminated wood stock. Versatile adjustable butt plates- and cheek piece adjustment. The cheek piece is continuously adjustable in height. The butt plate carrier with swivelling column guide and the rubber butt plate 4709 A offer optimal support in the position. The fore-end is equipped with an aluminum UIT rail, which makes it possible to attach accessories such as a handstop. The ergonomic cut-outs for the support hand guarantee an excellent and always consistent position of the rifle.

Technical data

Stock - Designation:
Stock - Weight approx:
1.600 g
Stock - Butt plate:
4759 Aluminum butt plate
Stock - Length:
280 - 340 mm
Stock - Total length:
640 mm
Stock - Material:
laminated wood
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