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Illustration with rear sights, rear sights not included in scope of delivery.

1827 F - The rifle that grows with you

The stock with the proven components of an outstanding biathlon rifle. For lovers of the classic wooden stock. The extendable butt plate with its hook for the armpit can be easily adjusted to different body sizes: from young to adult. The height-adjustable cheek piece completes the individual adjustment. The special shape of the COMFORT support plate offers the biathlete a consistently excellent and extremely comfortable position. In addition, the length of the carrying frame strap can be individually adjusted by means of a clamping plate.


straight pull barreled action - 1827 F

Speed wins.

The biathlon-diopter is equipped with a snow cover so that you have a clear view of the 5 hit fields even when it is snowing at the shooting range.

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The thumb rest has a good grip so that you do not slip off when closing the fastener and can also quickly repeat in damp weather.

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Match-two stage trigger 5020/1, consists of more than 50 individual parts and defies even the lowest temperatures.

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The magazine guide inserts the magazine safely and reliably into the Barreled action . The generously designed magazine release lever allows the magazines to be changed very quickly.

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Our biathlon precision barrels are cold-tested to guarantee maximum precision even at the lowest temperatures.

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The specially developed biathlon-front sight is equipped with a snow cover . This prevents snow from entering the muzzle and the front sight .

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The ultimate among biathlon rifles. Highly complex interplay of precision mechanics and materials, of high-tech, state-of-the-art manufacturing and know-how. Everything in the smallest of spaces. Created to lead the will to the finish - the will to win. Under all circumstances, under every condition.

Bolt - 1827 F

A revolution.


Seven locking balls close the Barreled action securely and reliably.

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The bolt handle is designed with a good grip so that you can move quickly in all weather conditions without slipping repeat .

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The patented Fortner straight pull action enables extremely fast repeating with a perfectly stable position. The Bolt with seven locking balls secures perfectly. The complete repeating process takes place in one hand movement without having to leave the position.

5020 - trigger

A masterstroke


The complete fume cupboard unit consists of more than 50 high-precision individual parts.

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Ergonomic and silent operation sliding safety.

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The ribbed trigger blade can be moved.

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  • Adjustable Match-two stage trigger 5020
    factory set at 550 g, adjustable from 90 - 650 g
  • Proven precision from high-performance sports - in summer and winter.

Extremely wide adjustment range for two stage and trigger weight. The place in the rifle with the decisive moment - 50 high-precision parts in unison in the smallest space. For a single task! Creating the perfect intersection between man and rifle. Close to the unique.
There is nothing better.

Magazine - 1827 F

Strong handling, safe change


The magazine jacket made of hardened steel is robust against dust, dirt and impacts.

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5-shot, caliber .22 l.r.

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High-strength and non-slip magazine base made of cold-resistant synthetic.

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Made of hardened steel. Burnished with a protective coating for long-lasting protection against corrosion. Grippable, cold-resistant synthetic on the magazine base (red) for safe changeover from spent to loaded magazines.

Comfort - Stock

Makes every rifle unique

The biathlon-butt plate with hook sits perfectly in the shoulder and holds the rifle securely in position. The butt plate extension can be adjusted in length and thus offers the optimal prerequisite for adjusting the length of the buttstock.

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Ergonomically shaped middle hand rest.

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Holders for four 5-shot magazines.

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Holder for spare cartridges.

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Grip stippled checkering at grip and fore-end.

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The Cheek piececan be adjusted in height and swivelled to the right and left.

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A aluminum-UIT rail is embedded in the fore-end for mounting a hand stop.

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The oiled walnut stock with the proven components of an outstanding biathlon rifle. For lovers of the classic wooden stock.

Scope of delivery

The following items are always included in the delivery, regardless of how you configure the product!

  • biathlon front sight
  • Transport rifle case MEGA
  • Four 5-shot biathlon magazines 1827-U2
  • Quality control card
  • Original test fire group


Your personal 1827 F COMFORT - entirely according to your wishes

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    How to guide your rifle

    Right hand version

    Sight sets

    The goal always in sight

    8012 B biathlon rear sights with snow protection flap

    The new rear sights series 8000 was developed and produced according to the highest quality standards. The use of stainless steel makes the rear sights weather resistant. The novel design of this diopter prevents pressure pain in the back area during biathlon use while the biathlon rifle is worn on the back.

    Biathlon sight set 6827

    Without sight set

    Recommended accessories for your biathlon rifle

    For the finishing touch

    rubber eyeshade

    Extension for sight disc aperture

    Soft case 9212


    Soft case 9210


    Arm strap 4732

    For right and left hand shooters Available in sizes S, M and L. Please indicate the desired size when ordering.

    Sight raiser block biathlon 6866

    Increases the sight set by 8 mm.

    Only in combination with front sight 6865
    Biathlon belt set

    Consisting of shooting sling 4736, arm sling 4735-U1 and hand stop SLS.

    Biathlon replacement magazine 5-shot

    Harness Feedback



    Sight sets
    Recommended accessories for your biathlon rifle

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