Guaranteed to provide fun and excitement

    The entry into the world of sport shooting

The perfect introduction to the world of sport shooting

Shooting with the ANSCHÜTZ Laser Power rifles trains endurance and concentration, strength and reaction, coordination and speed. Comprehensive and from the very first moment!

Thanks to the lightweight sports equipment, even eight-year-olds practise the sport. Thanks to the high-tech component, light shooting has a modern and fascinating aura. And because of the easy handling, first successes are achieved immediately!

Light beam shooting with the ANSCHÜTZ Laser Power rifles is absolutely
safe and it is not subject to the restrictions of the weapons law. This enables a safe introduction to the shooting sport at a young age.

Laser Power shooting has strong arguments on its side!

Laser Power promotes the shooter in ...

Use of
existing and also earlier air rifle stocks

New LaserPower barreled action

The LaserPower barreled action is compatible with all former 8001, 8002 and 9003 stocks from year of manufacture 2005 onwards, as well as with numerous current air rifle stocks.

Existing, former air rifle stock

Use the existing air rifle stocks of your shooting club and create up-to-date LaserPower rifles for your youngsters or new members, for example, to learn how to use rifles!

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Anschütz light shooting (laser power)

For training motor skills, coordination and concentration.

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