• Big bore caliber

    Models of the 1782 series
  • Medium caliber

    Models of the 1771 series
  • Rimfire

    Models of the 1761, 1727 F and 1710/1712 series
  • High Power Air Pressure

    9015 HP Series Models - 15 Joule

Associated with hunting since 1856

You can always rely on an ANSCHÜTZ hunting bolt action rifle. Your ANSCHÜTZ rifle will be a reliable companion for you at all times, with unsurpassed precision and functionality. This is what the name ANSCHÜTZ stands for.

Numerous Olympic champions, world and European champions as well as over 97% of all biathletes and target shooters all over the world trust in this ANSCHÜTZ precision. You too can benefit from over 160 years of experience in the field, which has been incorporated into our hunting bolt action rifle , just as you can benefit from the experience of car manufacturers in racing.

For us hunters at ANSCHÜTZ, our products have long been more than just a daily companion through the hunting year - they are the centre of our passion.


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