1827 F BIONIC - Staying ahead of the times
High-tech expands the boundaries of what is possible.
We are the market leader - worldwide!
97% of all biathletes shoot with ANSCHÜTZ - there is a reason for that!
The 1827 F BIONIC - completely individual
3D-printed parts, optimally adapted to each athlete

ANSCHÜTZ has always been associated with the sport of biathlon

White world.
The audience goes wild, the heart pumps. Adrenaline shoots to the fingertips. The snow crunches under the skis. Swinging into the shooting range. With a flowing movement it goes into the position. Now abruptly shut down the turmoil in the body, come to rest. An almost impossible demand ... stand still. And focus. Immerse yourself, block out the noise, the goal in sight. No thinking, only trust. The trained becomes instinct, your rifle repeats furiously and absolutely smoothly.
In 3.5 ms, the bullet is out of the barrel on its way to the target. No tearing.
Hit - the white target flips up!

Rear sight 8000

The new standard

The new rear sights series 8000 was developed and produced according to the highest quality standards. The use of stainless steel makes the rear sights weatherproof. Thanks to a comprehensive range of accessories, the rear sights is suitable for biathlon as well as for sport small bore- and air rifles. Furthermore, this rear sights can also be used for sport big bore caliber- and crossbow disciplines.


Individuality in your desired colour

Before After

.22 l.r.

Configurable as right-hand and left-hand version

The demands on the biathlon rifle are exorbitant: it must be fast, precise, light and robust. Insensitive to the lowest temperatures. All this at world-class level. This can only succeed if three components work together: Experience, vision and feedback.

1827 F Comfort

Complex reduced - precision in perfection

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.22 l.r.

Configurable as right-hand and left-hand version

The stock with the proven components of an outstanding biathlon rifle. For lovers of the classic wooden stock. The extendable butt plate with its hook for the armpit can be easily adjusted to different body sizes: from young to adult. The height-adjustable cheek piece completes the individual adjustment. The rifle that grows with you.

Anschütz Biathlon World

Worldwide, 97% of all biathletes shoot with an ANSCHÜTZ rifle.
There are good reasons for this.

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