54.30 Precise

Robust, precise and elegant

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Shown with optional equipment. Supplied without sight set. Selection of sight set via the product configurator or via the accessories program.

Shown with optional equipment. Supplied without sight set. Selection of sight set via the product configurator or via the accessories program.


Our Precise stock, known and proven for years. You take the 54.30 Precise model in your hand, at position - a familiar feeling. Combined with the ergonomic 54.30 target small bore barreled action, which impresses with the highest precision and combines decades of experience.


Barreled action - 54.30

Combines decades of experience with modernity

The ejection window has been moved 30 mm to the rear, towards the shooter, for even better ergonomics.

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On the sleeve there is an 11 mm prism rail for mounting a diopter.

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The barrel is screwed deep into the sleeve. This distributes the stresses over a large area, which increases precision.

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ANSCHÜTZ Precisiontarget barrel

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The 660 mm barrel is extended by a muzzle tube to achieve an even longer sighting line. An 11 mm prism rail is attached to the muzzle tube for mounting a front sight tunnel.

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The new ANSCHÜTZ Target small bore barreled action 54.30 is the further development of the legendary ANSCHÜTZ Match 54 barreled action. Barreled action 54.30 combines new ideas and requirements from the modern target shooting with components that have been tried and tested for decades.

  • The basis for the new development is the well-known and proven Barreled action Match 54.
  • The ejection window has been moved back by 30 mm and reduced in size by 18%. This improves the ergonomics when shooting and increases the stiffness of the case by 33%.
  • The bolt and the firing pin were shortened by 30 mm.
  • The weight of the firing pin has been reduced, thus reducing the locktime with the same force of the firing pin spring.
  • The shooting performance is further improved by the newly developed match cartridge bearing.
  • In the Barreled action Match 54.30, the barrel is screwed deeply into the sleeve in order to distribute the tension created in the joint as evenly as possible and over a large area.
  • Maintenance-friendly and durable overall construction, as usual with ANSCHÜTZ.

Trigger - 5018

The perfect interface between man and rifle

The robust housing of the trigger protects the high-precision fine parts.

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The trigger blade can be adjusted in many ways. Whether swivelling, sliding or adjusting the height - this trigger blade leaves nothing to be desired.

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The smooth-running sliding safety guarantees maximum safety.

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ANSCHÜTZ triggers are known worldwide for their quality. The trigger 5018, which breaks like glass, leaves nothing to be desired. With a set trigger weight of 125 g, this trigger leaves our factory in Ulm. The trigger weight can be adjusted from 60 g - 490 g to suit your individual needs. The trigger blade can be moved, swivelled and adjusted in height. There is nothing better!

Stock - Precise

High strength, versatile adjustable, visually impressive

ZK_Sport_Precise_Nut_Stock_Right View

The aluminum-hook butt plate 2213-8700 is versatilely adjustable and can easily be adapted to individual needs with only an Allen key SW4.

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Multifunctional, stably guided and infinitely variable cheek pieces-grid adjustment with particularly large adjustment ranges and fine adjustment of the height and windage.

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The trigger guard protects your trigger from shocks.

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A aluminum UIT rail is integrated in the fore-end for mounting a fore-end raiser block or hand stops.

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The grip is made of beautifully grown walnut and has a hollowed-out inside. This allows the stock to be brought even closer to the body.

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For years, ANSCHÜTZ PRECISE small bore stocks have been appreciated by shooters all over the world for their solid workmanship and excellent adjustment possibilities. These wishes and requirements have been incorporated into the optimised BLACK PRECISE walnut stock. The PRECISE stock is equipped with the proven pistol grip from the ONE air rifle series, which can be adjusted in almost any direction. The newly developed VARIO-palm rest 4844 at fore-end allows even finer adjustment to your individual needs!

Scope of delivery

The following items are always included in the delivery, regardless of how you configure the product!

  • Transport rifle case MEGA
  • Handstop 6226
  • VARIO-palm rest 4844
  • Accessories box
  • Tool set


Your personal 54.30 Precise - According to your wishes

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    How to guide your rifle

    Right hand version

    Left hand version

    Grip size

    Have everything at grip

    grip L

    grip for right hand shooters in size L, walnut wood, oiled, with grooved inside.

    grip M

    grip for right hand shooters in size M, walnut wood, oiled, with grooved inside.

    grip S

    grip for right hand shooters in size S, walnut wood, oiled, with grooved inside.

    Sight sets

    The goal always in sight

    sight set 7020/20 complete with front sight M18

    sight set 7020/10 complete with front sight M18

    sight set 6834 complete with front sight M18

    Without sight set

    Recommended accessories for your target small bore rifle

    For the finishing touch

    sight raiser blockXXL

    18 mm height

    aperture insert Vario Swing 9736

    Ø 2.8 - 4.8 mm, for M18x0.5, adjustable.

    sight raiser block6817

    The sight raiser block6817 increases the sighting lineby 8 mm. This allows you to further optimise your position.

    Soft case for hunters and target shooters

    For the safe transport of your hunting or sporting rifle. As a special feature, the new carrying strap system allows you to carry the case on your back - incl. case lock.



    Grip size
    Sight sets
    Recommended accessories for your target small bore rifle

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