9015 HP BR-50 walnut

Solid basis - highest precision

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Committed to precision...

The distinctive BR-50 benchrest stock for the ANSCHÜTZ High Power air rifle barreled action 9015 HP. An optically simple and unspectacular appearance. But this combination guarantees the smallest scattering circles that impress.


Barreled action - 9015 HP (High Power)

15 joules - with absolute precision

cocking lever

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Pressure regulator with air filter

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20.1" Precisiontarget barrel

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Female thread for thread adapter

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prism rail

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dry firing / Fuse

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The 9015 HP air pressure system offers a maintenance-free stabilizer and impresses with a revolutionary firing pin and valve system, which ensures an extremely smooth ready to fire. The extremely short locktime combined with the probably world's best mechanical two stage trigger 5065 4K offers perfect conditions for highly accurate point shots. The High Power Barreled action with 15 joules, is equipped with an aluminium cartridge and allows up to 100 shots per cartridge filling and accelerates the diabolos up to 210 m per second (with diabolos 0.68 g).

Trigger- 5065 4K

Consistent from the first-stage to second-stage.

The aluminum trigger blade can be adjusted in many ways, whether swivelling, moving lengthwise or adjusting the height.

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Two-row six locking lug - a reliable, durable detail for highest

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The axial ball bearing (4K) guarantees the play-free bearing of the trigger blade. This guarantees an impressive and always even first stage.

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ANSCHÜTZ match triggers have always set standards in quality, reliability and precision. With the newly developed, patented trigger 5065 4K ANSCHÜTZ presents to the top sport a mechanical trigger, which surpasses all previous ANSCHÜTZ Triggers. You could probably say it is the world's best mechanical trigger.

The patented trigger 5065 4K impresses with its unprecedented extremely short release time. The axial ball bearing (4K = 4 balls, marked yellow) of the trigger lever guarantees an absolutely backlash-free bearing of the trigger blade. The resulting harmonious and evenly running first stage travel leaves nothing to be desired. The very clear contrast when reaching the pressure point gives the shooter a very precise contact with the shot.

Stock - BR-50 benchrest Nut

Striking, broad, solid

The grip section of the stock is kept straight in order to guide the trigger hand always in the same position to the trigger , and thus to ensure a neat benchrest of the trigger finger on the trigger blade .

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The wide and absolutely flat fore-end can be replaced quickly and easily if damaged. This guarantees a flat fore-end at all times.

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the stock is designed for right and left hand shooters. With the symmetrical and simple shape, every shooter will find the optimal position.

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This natural benchrest stock offers a very wide and flat fore-end. The forearm rest can be easily replaced if damaged.

Scope of delivery

The following items are always included in the delivery, regardless of how you configure the product!

  • Synthetic rifle case MEGA
  • Threaded insert M12x1
  • Accessory box with air release screw, filling adapter with drain plug, special grease, tool set, lock washers, O-rings, User Manual and originaltest fire group.


Your own personal 9015 HP BR-50 walnut - Just the way you want it

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    Compressed air cylinders

    More than sufficient and safe

    compressed air cylinderaluminumBlack

    With pressure gauge, 410 g (empty), 450 g (filled), 430 mm long

    compressed air cylinderaluminumSilver

    With pressure gauge, 410 g (empty), 450 g (filled), 430 mm long

    Recommended accessories for your air rifle

    For the finishing touch

    sight raiser blockXXL

    18 mm height

    sound moderator for air rifles

    For thread 1/2 inch - 20 UNF, caliber 4.5 - 5.5 mm

    Thread adapter

    9015 High Power thread adapter, for mounting accessories such as a sound moderator. For mounting on thread M12x1 on external thread 1/2 inch - 20 UNF.

    Soft case for hunters and target shooters

    For the safe transport of your hunting or sporting rifle. As a special feature, the new carrying strap system allows you to carry the case on your back - incl. case lock.

    9015 Clamp weight for barrel, 50 g

    For adjusting the balance of your air rifle. 50 g weight for mounting on the air rifle barrel.



    Compressed air cylinders
    Recommended accessories for your air rifle

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