How can the weight of the 8002 be influenced?

The model 8002 offers a wide range of possibilities when it comes to the individual balance of the rifle:

Barrel weights:
By moving, additionally attaching or omitting the additional barrel weights. (175 g, order no. 700.6345; 68 g, order no. 700.6341).

Counterweight supports:
These can be attached to the canopy plate as well as to the Cheek piece . Weight rings can be attached to the weight carriers.

Weight rings (order no. 711.3805):
To be attached to the columns of the jaw and butt plate adjustment or to the counterweight supports.

Heavy steel columns:
(approx. 100 g), for cheek piece adjustment (order no. 700.6337) and butt plate adjustment (order no. 700.6338)

Sliding weight:
(approx. 185 g, order no. 700.6343), to be mounted on the UIT rail . They can be pushed backwards and forwards steplessly.

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