How long can original ANSCHÜTZ compressed air cylinders be used?

If used properly and as intended, original ANSCHÜTZ aluminum and stainless steelcompressed air cylinders can be used for a maximum of 10 years from the date of manufacture.

Information on the service life of original black ANSCHÜTZ steel cartridges can be found here.

compressed air cylindersThe water tanks that are leaking, damaged or have reached their maximum service life must be emptied safely and must no longer be used or filled. The date of manufacture is noted on the compressed air cylinder . The compressed air cylinder must also be checked for cracks before each use. If you notice cracks or similar damage on your compressed air cylinder , the compressed air cylinder must be emptied immediately and returned to ANSCHÜTZ for inspection. The surface of the compressed air cylinder must not be manipulated. In particular, no engraving or other abrasive processes may be carried out, as this may cause damage to the pressure vessel and thus lead to a safety risk, sudden failure of the compressed air cylinder or injury.

The shooter is solely responsible for his compressed air cylinder . compressed air cylinders with an expired period of use may not be used. ANSCHÜTZ expressly points out that use of the compressed air cylinder beyond this period is at the user's own risk. Safety can no longer be guaranteed, i.e. there may even be a risk of injury.

Please use only original ANSCHÜTZ-compressed air cylinders and be sure to observe the operating instructions! ANSCHÜTZ accepts no liability for damage of any kind caused by modification of parts, conversion or installation of non-original ANSCHÜTZ parts or by failure to observe the operating instructions.

If you do NOT use original ANSCHÜTZ air cartridges, your air rifle will be damaged.
cartridges will damage your air rifle and will invalidate any liability
warranty will be void.

Further information can be found here:
Info Flyer - Destroyed pressure regulator

IMPORTANT: Only original ANSCHÜTZ compressed air cylinders (max. 200 bar) may be used! Non-observance will void the liability and warranty! Non-observance can lead to very expensive repair costs on your air rifle and, in the worst case, to serious bodily injury.

For safety reasons, too, the maximum service life must not be exceeded. Due to the filling and emptying of the cartridges within the scope of the intended use, the material is subjected to heavy stress during this period. This stress was taken into account in the design of the cartridges and in the determination of the maximum service life. In order to ensure the safest possible handling of the compressed air cylinders , ANSCHÜTZ also specifies a maximum service life for safety reasons. No recurring test may be carried out on compressed air cylinders with a fixed maximum service life, as this test would run counter to ANSCHÜTZ's sensible safety specification.

We draw your attention to the fact that these points must be observed. ANSCHÜTZ rejects all recourse claims arising from non-observance of the aforementioned information.

If you need a new original ANSCHÜTZ compressed air cylinder , please contact the specialist trade. Direct purchase ex works is not possible for private customers. However, we maintain a very dense dealer network, which makes it possible for you to find a specialist dealer near you.

Please also read the following information files, which we offer for download.



Since your safety is very important to ANSCHÜTZ, the original ANSCHÜTZ compressed air cylinders (max. 200 bar) are subjected to a very elaborate and expensive type examination as well as an extensive and ongoing inspection and acceptance,
even during the entire manufacturing process.

Please look for the original TÜV seal of approval on your compressed air cylinder.
Please do not use compressed air cylinders that do not have this quality seal! You may endanger yourself and others!


According to ISO 26262 the ANSCHÜTZ compressed air cylinders item no .: 013357, item no.: 013358, item no.: 013359 and item no.: 011761 are safety and function relevant components of the ANSCHÜTZ Match air rifles. The use of non ANSCHÜTZ original compressed air cylinders can lead to a reduction of the functional safety or contribute to it, whereby any warranty claims and goodwill become void.

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