How do I clean my rifle?

In order to ensure consistent precision over the long term, it is essential to clean the rifle regularly after shooting. The cleaning intervals and the intensity of cleaning depend in particular on the number of shots fired, the caliber, the ammunition used and the individual development of the shot pattern of the individual rifle. In the meantime, a large number of barrel cleaners and a wide variety of methods can be found on the aftermarket. Due to the above reasons, no general statement can be made as to when and how the rifle should be cleaned.

We generally recommend that inexperienced shooters and hunters in particular have their ANSCHÜTZ rifle cleaned by a specialist dealer or by gunsmith . In our experience, irreparable damage can be caused to the barrel if chemical barrel cleaners are left on for too long.

The barrel cleaner and the deposits present in the barrel react within the framework of a chemical reaction. This reaction can vary depending on the barrel material, barrel contamination, chemical barrel cleaner and cleaning agent (cleaning wicks, cleaning felt, brass brush, steel wool etc.). We do not recommend cleaning with steel wool.

First, position the gun so that the muzzle is lower than the chamber. Apply the cleaner to the barrel from the chamber and let it work in a little (follow the instructions for use). Tip: If you seal the barrel with a plug at the muzzle after spraying, no cleaning agent will drip out. After the reaction time, brush off the cleaning agent with a cleaning rod/cotton wick. Pull the brush and then the cotton wick by means of cleaning rod approx. 10 times through the barrel from chamber towards the muzzle. Always push the brush all the way through the barrel and never change direction inside the barrel, otherwise the barrel and brush may be damaged. Remove the cleaning rod/cotton wick from the gun and repeat the insertion of the cleaner and the mechanical cleaning from the chamber as described above. Repeat this until the cotton wick comes out of the gun clean.

To extend the life of the cartridge bearing cleaner, wrap a lint-free cloth around the cleaner and then use it to clean the chamber.

Use a clean cloth to remove all cleaning agents from the barrel and chamber.

The wooden stock should be cleaned with a soft cloth and maintenance oil.

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