1761 APR


small bore - Highest precision

Discover the ANSCHÜTZ 1761 APR rifles, embedded in the MDT XRS chassis.

Experience the highest precision and outstanding functionality that leads to unsurpassed success! Our 1761 APR models have been developed to achieve top performance.
This is possible thanks to their exceptional precision, well thought-out functionality
and ergonomics as well as their unwavering determination to achieve the maximum in every situation.

A reliable partner for maximum success.

1761 APR - in the XRS chassis from MDT

Getting started with PRS shooting

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22 l.r.

The optimal start

The model 1761 APR was specially developed for small bore PRS disciplines. A high-precision and modern small bore barreled action from the ANSCHÜTZ gunsmiths, paired with the ergonomically shaped XRS stock. The self-centering 1761 bolt locks with three locking lug, is equipped with a brilliant match trigger which is set to 750 g at the factory and underlines the precision of this complete package.

1761 APR Long Range - in the XRS chassis from MDT

The hybrid of precision and tradition

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.22 l.r.

Maximum precision at long range

The 1761 APR model was specially developed for small bore PRS disciplines. The Long Range variant is characterized by a 647 mm long precision target barrel, which is also used in our match small bore rifles.

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