1782 APR


big bore caliber - Highest precision

The 1782 APR precision rifles - in the ACC PREMIER chassis from MDT.
Highest precision and functionality = Maximum success! The ANSCHÜTZ APR models were developed with one goal in mind - maximum success. This goal is only achieved through the factors of precision, functionality and ergonomics as well as the inner will to get the maximum out of every situation, under every circumstance.

With the 1782 APR you have the right tool at your side.

Maximum details for maximum success!

1782 APR Carbon Grey - in ACC Premier Chassis from MDT

Stylish Carbon Grey, refined with deep black system components


6 mm Creedmoor | 6.5 Creedmoor | .308 Win.

Guaranteed success in steel and aluminum

A Barreled action of steel. Purity and goodness - classic burnished. The bolt in classic black, ultra hard coated with DLC. Immovably anchored in the MDT stock made of aircraft-aluminum for outstanding shooting performance. Rugged and resistant to heat or cold. High-precision finishes that excite on the outside and let the bolt slide resistance-free on the inside. A reliable companion with impressive accuracy and function. You can always rely on it! The integrated, continuous Picatinny rail with 20 MOA pre-tilt allows for flexible, simple and solid scope mount.

1782 APR Flat Dark Earth - in the ACC Premier Chassis from MDT

Luxurious details, perfectly matched visually


6 mm Creedmoor | 6.5 Creedmoor | .308 Win.

Black, Gold, FDE - The eye-catcher on every shooting range

The 1782 APR rifles combine all aspects of modern shooting sports. A Barreled action, grown from a long gunsmith tradition, the accuracy from decades of sporting experience and ergonomics that arise from the unique symbiosis with the MDT ACC chassis. Here the deep black burnished barrel is embedded in an FDE colored MDT stock and refined with the TiN coated, gold-colored bolt, which sets a noble and sporty accent.

Sporting success begins with spontaneous passion and culminates in the highest precision.

1782 APR Flat Dark Earth - CERAKOTE - ACC Premier Chassis by MDT

Coated for eternity


6 mm Creedmoor | 6.5 Creedmoor | .308 Win.

Where light merges into flat earth

The completely Cerakote FDE coated Barreled action, the likewise coated barrel and bolt handle and the completely FDE coated stock from MDT create an almost mystical, unreal aura that engulfs the light and the shine, allowing only the deep color of the FDE coating and its shades. In between, shining like a nugget in its vein of ore, is the gold-colored, TiN coated bolt. Nevertheless, this rifle is not a work of jewelry, but a carrier of all ANSCHÜTZ genes - precision, craftsmanship and deep-rooted passion for shooting sports.

Tactical-modern total package with a sporting soul!

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