Rear sights series 8000

The new standard

The new rear sights series 8000 was developed and produced according to the highest quality standards. The use of stainless steel makes the rear sight weatherproof. Thanks to a comprehensive range of accessories, the rear sight is suitable for biathlon as well as for sport small bore- and air rifles. Furthermore, this rear sight can also be used for sport big bore caliber- and crossbow disciplines. The large adjustment range makes this rear sight a flexible all-rounder and, due to the fixed clicks detent, it is extremely safe to adjust, whether during transport or at the competition. The novel design of this rear sight prevents pressure pain in the back area during biathlon use, while the biathlon rifle is worn on the back. Numerous helpful and innovative details combined in a high-quality overall package.

The new rear sight 8000 is currently available in the following versions:

Order number Model
016935 8012 B biathlon with snow cover
016926 8012 rear sights 12 clicks
Order number Model
016935 8012 B biathlon with snow cover
017202 8012L B biathlon with snow cover (left handed version)
016926 8012 rear sights 12 clicks
017183 8012L rear sights 12 clicks (left handed version)
016933 8024 rear sights 24 clicks
017184 8024L rear sights 24 clicks (left handed version)
016934 8036 rear sights 36 clicks
017185 8036L rear sights 36 clicks (left handed version)
016936 8024 rear sights 24 clicks for Picatinny rails
017186 8024L rear sights 24 clicks for Picatinny rails (left handed version)

The following accessories are available for the rear sights 8000:

Order number Model
016953 Biathlon eyeshade for rear sights Model 8012 B
016483 Anti-glare tube for rear sights 80xx
016938 Conversion kit for 80xx rear sights to Picatinny rail

Highest precision

The target always firmly in sight!

Anti-glare tube made of high-strength aluminum. (Available as an accessory).

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The pictogram disk makes operation intuitive and child's play.

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Fine adjustment possible via the adjustment turrets. Depending on the model, with 12, 24 or 36 clicks/revolution.

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Large neoprene eye shield, washable and therefore hygienic. (Available as an accessory).

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Snow cover with ergonomic grip.

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Housing made of high-strength aluminum- and stainless steel components.

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Built with highest quality standards from high-strength aluminum- and stainless steel components ANSCHÜTZ presents the new rear sight 8000! Its very large adjustment range and modular design make the new rear sight 8000 versatile. Pictograms on the rear sights make operation intuitive and child's play. These and many other advantages make the new rear sight 8000 a solid and innovative overall package.


Made for all

From right-handed to left-handed model in just three steps!



Step 1: Rotate rear sight 180°.



Step 2: Unscrew sight disc aperture and mount on the opposite side.



Step 3: Loosen the countersunk screw and turn the pictogram disk. The rear sight 8000 can now be used as a left-handed model without any restrictions!

Finest adjustment possibilities

For highly accurate point shots!

Fine adjustments of the diopter can be made via the two adjustment towers. An overview of the various clicks and their effects can be found in the table above.

For the perfect hold

The right assembly!

11 mm clamping (delivery condition).

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Picatinny clamp (optional).

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The rear sights comes standard with a robust 11 mm rail clamping . Furthermore, the rear sights can also be mounted on Picatinny rails. For this purpose, a special clamp piece is required, which is available from the accessories program.
The robust and high-strength clamping makes the rear sights 8000 extremely resistant to recoil and bounce - even with large-caliber rifles!

Biathlon rear sight with snow cover

Reliably protects against snow and dirt!

Only two screws need to be loosened to convert the snow cover lever.

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Snow cover, opening upwards with lever mounted for left hand shooters.

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Snow cover, downward opening with lever mounted for right hand shooters.

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The snow cover reliably protects the rear sight 8000 against snow and dirt penetration. After unfolding, the shooter always has a clear view of the target. The snow cover can be adapted to the individual wishes of the athlete. For example, the snow flap lever can be converted for left-handed use by loosening two screws. The snow cover can also be converted to close upwards or downwards, depending on preference. 


Full concentration!

Neoprene eyeshade

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The wire hangers are simply inserted into the rear sights .

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The large, retractable eyeshade ensures that the shooter can concentrate fully on the target. The neoprene cover can also be easily removed and cleaned. 

Extensive accessories

Anti-glare tube and accessories connection

Clear view of the target!

The anti-glare tube made of high-strength aluminum is available as an accessory, for even better focusing on the target.

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Rear sights 8000 with mounted anti-glare tube

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Rear sights 8012 with versatile compatible connection option for accessories

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Collimator ball joint for increased adjustment range of the duplex. (Available as an accessory.)

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Anti-glare tube from Centra with possibility to accommodate the Centra Duplex. (Available as an accessory.)

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Centra Duplex adjustment unit for improving target precision. (Available as an accessory).

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The rear sight 8000 series is compatible with a variety of accessories such as Centra Duplex in combination with Centra Lenshood and/or the Collimator. 

The robust ANSCHÜTZ aluminum anti-glare tube is milled from solid material and prevents disturbing light from the sides and ensures a clear view of the target.
item no .: 016473

sight disc aperture

Known and proven!

The sight disc aperture can simply be screwed onto the rear sights .

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The well-known and proven sight disc aperture from the ANSCHÜTZ Match program can also be screwed onto the rear sights series 8000.
item no .: 000984

Clamp piece

For mounting on a Picatinny rail!

By mounting the clamping stone, the rear sights 8000 can also be attached to a Picatinny rail.

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After replacing the 11 mm clamp with the clamp piece, the rear sights 8000 can also be mounted on a Picatinny rail.
item no .: 016938

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