1771 DJV

At the interface between youth and sport


1771 - Refined finesse at 1 metre length

Anschütz enjoys the highest reputation in sport shooting, our rifles stand for unsurpassed precision, accuracy and robustness, they are appreciated by top athletes all over the world. The Anschütz 1771 uses all these attributes for hunting shooting and hunting competition. Equipped with a silky-smooth trigger weight, customisable from 300 g to 800 g, the particularly quiet and rapid bolt movement and the cylindrical precision barrel, the 1771 is a hunting rifle for the transition zone between sport and hunting: it meets the needs of both areas.
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  • Configure directly now!


Barreled action - 1771

Compact statement

Cocked barreled action, firing pin visible.

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Factory-mounted Picatinny rail.

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Gas relief holesthat reliably divert the escaping gas sideways out of the rifle in the event of a primer blowout or ground rupture.

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magazine release lever and

magazine guide.

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ANSCHÜTZ precision barrel for high-precision point shots.

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The lightweight receiver, robust and resistant. Immovably anchored in the stock for outstanding shooting performance. Robust and resistant to heat and cold. Matt glossy look, timeless elegance. Equipped ex works with a Picatinny rail - flexible and versatile. Gas relief holes, an inconspicuous but important detail for your safety.

bolt - 1771

Safety first!

For .222 Rem and .223 Rem calibres, a double-row bolt is supplied.

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Single-row 3-warts-bolt - a reliable, durable detail for highest

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The bolt knob made of high-strength syntetic has a diameter of 25 mm. The bolt throw of the chamber is at 60° and is thus ergonomically adapted.

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No play at all, for maximum safety: the single-row three-barrellock up.
A reliable and durable element. For the calibres .222 Rem and .223 Rem, a double-row bolt is supplied.

Triggers - 1771


More than 25 high-precision individual parts.

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Ergonomic and almost noiselessly operated safety.

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The trigger blade can be moved forwards and backwards.

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Proven precision from high-performance sports - in summer and winter. Very wide adjustment range for two stage and trigger weight. The place in the rifle with the decisive moment: 25 high-precision parts in harmony in the smallest space for a single task - to form the perfect "interface", the interface between man and rifle. Close to unique and meanwhile adapted by other manufacturers.
There is nothing better.

DJV Magazine - 1771

Strong reserve


The magazine jacket is made of high-strength and robust stainless steel.

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Most comfortable handling! The magazine holds three, four or five cartridges (depending on caliber ), is made of robust stainless steel and is therefore resistant to dust, dirt and water.

DJV stock - 1771

At the interface of hunting and sport

The non-slip rubber butt plate provides the best grip in the shoulder while you have the rifle in the position.

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cheek piece, vertically adjustable via quick clamp- With an Allen key 4, the cheek piece can be adjusted easily and quickly.

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Grippy stippled checkering at grip and fore-end, which remains grippy even in damp weather and wet hands during competition.

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Stock made of beautifully grown walnut with finest oil finish, developed especially for hunting competition. The adjustable cheek piece reduces head tilt and uncocked the neck muscles. The special DJV magazine closes flat with the stock. The fore-end can be gripped unhindered.

Scope of delivery

The following items are always included in the delivery, regardless of how you configure the product!

  • Transport rifle case MEGA
  • Sling swivels
  • Standard DJV magazine (number of rounds depends on caliber)


Your personal 1771 - entirely according to your wishes

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    Tailored to your needs

    .17 Hornet

    • number of grooves: 6
    • twist rate 228 mm

    .22 Hornet

    • number of grooves: 8
    • twist rate 405 mm

    .222 Rem.

    • number of grooves: 6
    • twist rate 356 mm

    .223 Rem.

    • number of grooves: 6
    • twist rate 229 mm

    1771 Triggers

    Choose your perfect trigger

    single stage trigger 5097/2D

    • trigger weight, adjusted: 1,200 g
    • trigger weight, adjustable: 1,000 - 2,000 g

    single stage trigger 5097/2 D Tuning

    • trigger weight, adjusted: 500 g
    • trigger weight, adjustable: 450 - 700 g

    two stage trigger 5098/71

    • trigger weight, adjusted: 300 g
    • trigger weight, adjustable: 300 - 800 g
    • Forward - backward adjustment of the timer: 17.7 mm

    1771 Barrel lengths

    Select your desired barrel length

    510 mm (20 inch)

    • Barrel muzzle diameter 18 mm

    586 mm (23 inch)

    • Barrel muzzle diameter 18 mm

    1771 Running options

    Choose your desired barrel equipment

    Barrel thread M15x1

    The barrel thread M15x1 offers you the option to mount a silencer or other accessories like our DJV barrel weight.

    Recessed muzzle

    Wood class

    Natural elegance

    Standard Wood Class

    Premium Wood Class

    Luxury Wood Class - on request

    On request
    Master Grade Wood Class - on request

    On request

    Recommended accessories for your ANSCHÜTZ hunting rifle

    For the finishing touch

    Soft case for hunters and target shooters

    For the safe transport of your hunting or sporting rifle. As a special feature, the new carrying strap system allows you to carry the case on your back - incl. case lock.

    1771 Replacement magazine DJV

    barrel weight 365 g for thread M15 x 1

    Threaded bush for barrel thread M15x1, replacement

    For barrel thread M15x1



    1771 Triggers
    1771 Barrel lengths
    1771 Running options
    Wood class
    Recommended accessories for your ANSCHÜTZ hunting rifle

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