Laser Power IV walnut Light - aluminum-butt plate

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ANSCHütz LaserPower walnut LIGHT

The elegant walnut LIGHT stock, for the friends of a classic walnut stock. Equipped with the versatile adjustable aluminum butt plate 4759, this light stock sits excellently in the shoulder. The infinitely height-adjustable cheek piece guarantees a relaxed head position. Furthermore, this stock is also ideal as a club variant, as this stock can be used by both right-handed and left-handed shooters. The aluminum-UIT rail allows you to also attach a hand stop at any time to further stabilize the position.


Barreled action - LaserPower IV

Easy handling, robust construction

The cocking knob is simply pushed forward to "reload". After "ready to fire" it jumps back to the starting position.

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The barrel unit of the barrel is made of high-strength aluminum and offers a prism rail at the muzzle for mounting a front sight.

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The high-precision trigger is the interface between shooter and light gun and can be adapted to your individual needs.

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ANSCHÜTZ uses a trend-setting and worldwide standardised laser code both in the "laser shot" (with absolutely harmless coded laser technology of laser class 1) and in the target recognition. This certified and tamper-proof light code is also already used in the Olympic field in the Pentathlon (Modern Pentathlon). The coding of the laser code of the ANSCHÜTZ light rifle is currently recognised by all common targets available on the market (such as the Meyton PLT2 target) as well as by uncoded targets available on the market (such as the Disag RedDot laser target). An additional purchase of expensive laser conversion adapters is therefore not necessary. ANSCHÜTZ prefers an accurate and round laser dot, which reflects the premium technology used. Intensive use of the LaserPower barreled action is no problem for the robustly built Barreled action.

walnut LIGHT stock - LaserPower

Versatile adjustable

The butt plate made of high-strength aluminum can be adjusted in many ways. Whether in length, height or inclination, this butt plate leaves nothing to be desired. You will find the perfect position in your shoulder.

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The cheek piece can be individually adjusted in height. Two high-strength steel columns guarantee maximum stability and durability.

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The ergonomic cut-outs for the support hand guarantee an excellent and always consistent position of the rifle.

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Integrated aluminum UIT rail for accessories.

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The ergonomic stock made of lacquered high-strength walnut, is equipped with a aluminum UIT rail in fore-end. This allows the mounting of various accessories such as a hand stop or a bipod. The cheek piece can be easily adjusted in height by means of two steel columns.

Target box - LaserPower IV

Can be used regardless of location

Five target fields with a diameter of 35 mm. When a hit is made, the corresponding target field lights up white.

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Infrared receiver.

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The target reducer can be easily attached to the target box with Velcro and reduces the hit field size from 35 mm to 15 mm in diameter. This ensures even more excitement.

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The remote control allows you to conveniently control the target box. The remote control allows you to reset the hits, adjust the brightness of the target fields and switch off the target box.

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The target box can be operated with the supplied mains adapter or with batteries independent of location.

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The LaserPower target box is based on the biathlon targets (discs) and shows through luminous target fields whether you have landed a hit. The target box can be operated by power supply or batteries. Thus, it is possible to operate the target box, for example, outdoors without an existing power supply. The target box can be added optionally when ordering.

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    Order and scope of delivery

    Without individual configuration

    Model LaserPower IV walnut LIGHT - aluminum-butt plate

    • rifle case MEGA
    • Tool set
    • sight set 6834 - M18

    item no.: 016459


    Your personal LaserPower IV walnut LIGHT - according to your wishes

    Your individual configuration is always delivered with the following equipment:

    • rifle case MEGA
    • Tool set


    How to guide your rifle

    Right hand version

    Left hand version

    LaserPower targets

    Challenging and varied

    LaserPower IV Target V 4.x

    LaserPower IV Action Target Set

    Sight sets

    The goal always in sight

    Laser Power sight set

    sight set 7020/10 complete with front sight M18

    sight set 6834 complete with front sight M18

    Recommended accessories for yourLaser Powerrifle

    For the finishing touch

    hand stop 6226 with sling swivel

    For mounting on the aluminum UIT rail in the fore-end.

    Soft case for hunters and target shooters

    For the safe transport of your hunting or sporting rifle. As a special feature, the new carrying strap system allows you to carry the case on your back - incl. case lock.



    LaserPower targets
    Sight sets
    Recommended accessories for yourLaser Powerrifle

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