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THE original from ANSCHÜTZ

Here you will find our original ANSCHÜTZ accessories specially developed for the target shooting . You can also find our complete range of accessories in our current sales price list, which you can download here.

4709A straight rubber butt plate with guide plate

Straight, incl. guide plate 4709A-U2/1 and fastening elements. Non-slip rubber butt plate 4709 A. Prevents slipping in position. Stepless vertically adjustable. For mounting on butt plate carrier COMFORT or directly on stocks.
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item no.: 001468

4709P Spacer 8 mm

Height 8 mm, for fine adjustment of the length of pull when using the rubber butt plate 4709 A (item no.: 001468).
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item no.: 016657

4759 butt plate, versatile adjustable

For many target shooters the radii of the rubber butt plates are too large. This results are errors in the shooting position. This problem can be easily solved with the aluminum butt plate model 4759. The infinitely variable adjustment of the shoulder width and the swivel range always allows an optimal adjustment. On straight...
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item no.: 001127

4759A butt plate, benchrest

The butt plate 4759A is made from high-strength aluminum . The wide range of adjustment options allows you to find the perfect position in the shoulder.
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item no.: 008583

cheek piece adjustment benchrest, Relocation

To optimize the shooting position, especially at bench rest shooting, the stable and infinitely adjustable mechanism (up to 13 cm to the rear) is mounted on the original ANSCHÜTZ cheek piece adjuster (2213-8200). The infinitely variable adjustment range enables the shooter to find the optimum...
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item no.: 016984

Butt plate lock for butt plate carrier

The butt plate locking device provides additional security against unintentional adjustment of the butt plate under high stress and load. Reinforcement of the butt plate clamping piece through additional positive locking. Simple and quick assembly. Made of high-strength, rust-protected steel. Advantages:...
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Item no.: 016153

Butt plate extension BENCHREST, compl. for 4759

Cap extension for aluminium cap 4759 with strong clamping. For the bench rest shooting. Requires hexagon socket 3 and 4.
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Item no.: 008432

Short ALU pillar for butt plate adjustment 57 mm length

Aluminum column for ANSCHÜTZ butt plate carrier. Individually, to replace damaged columns if necessary.
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item no.: 016656

Long aluminum column set for butt plate adjustment 111 mm

For butt plate adjustment. Diameter 12 mmAdjustment range 91 mm
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Item no.: 001184

ONE ring piece set for butt plate ONE

Ring element for extending the butt plate wings on the ONE-butt plate. With the help of this ring element, the butt plate can be adjusted even more individually to your shoulder.
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Item no.: 014136

ONE butt plate complete

ONE-butt plate, the revolutionary butt plate consists of self-supporting elements and offers unprecedented adjustment possibilities. scope of delivery: complete, incl. 2 ONE spacers and tools, for models 9015 ONE and 9015 ONE benchrest PRO.
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Item no.: 014431

ONE butt plate complete with guide plate

The revolutionary ONE-butt plate consists of self-supporting elements and offers unprecedented adjustment possibilities. The MEC connection adapter allows the ONE-butt plate to be attached to butt plate carrier of other manufacturers as well. The cap elements can be adjusted up to 14 mm to the left and...
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Item no.: 014094

ONE Butt plate ring set compl. for carrier

Replacement sash for the ONE-butt plate, consisting of three ring elements including base for attachment to the butt plates column. Requires Torx 20.
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Item no.: 014663

Stock-extension set: clamping piece with screws

Extension set clamping piece, for mounting a butt plate carrier in stocks with milling.
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item no.: 009279

butt plate PREMIUM with guide plate

Flexible use, perfect feedback. The new ANSCHÜTZ air rifle butt plate PREMIUM offers maximum flexibility for mounting on our various air rifle stocks. The high-strength individual parts made of aluminum can be quickly and conveniently mounted on the...
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Item no.: 016409

Butt plate adapter for ONE butt plate column

butt plates Interface, enables the mounting of a wide variety of butt plates on the model 9015 ONE. Whether our aluminiumbutt plate 4759, the rubber butt plate 4709 A or any common butt plate available on the market - the butt plates interface enables the trouble-free and quick mounting of the butt plate...
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Item no.: 014707

Socket cap extension 2213-8300 with 30 mm spacing

With swivelling column guide for KK aluminium stocks. Adjustable aluminiumbutt plate carrier with swivelling column guide and scaling. Quickly reproducible settings due to clear scales and stop nuts. Stop nuts additionally prevent the butt plate from slipping in the...
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item no.: 016651

Butt plate carrier COMFORT 30 mm column distance

The ANSCHÜTZ butt plate carrier COMFORT offers the shooter even more functions: Larger, infinitely variable adjustment range. Fast, tool-free height adjustment of the butt plate. Compatible with stocks with 30 mm column clamping. Individually adjustable height stops. Positioning of the butt plate...
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item no.: 016653

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