1761 APR Long Range

The hybrid of precision and tradition

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ANSCHÜTZ 1761 APR Long Range

The 1761 APR model was specially developed for small-caliber PRS disciplines. The Long Range variant is characterized by a 647 mm long precision target barrel, which is also used in our small bore target rifles. The high-precision and modern small bore barreled action from the ANSCHÜTZ gunsmiths, paired with the ergonomically shaped XRS stock. The self-centering 1761 bolt locks with three locking lug, is equipped with a brilliant match trigger which is set to 550 g at the factory and underlines the precision of this overall package. On the receiver there is a continuous Picatinny rail with 30 MOA forward tilt for easy and flexible scope mount. Rounded off with a 10-round stainless steel magazine that is quick and easy to change. 1761 APR.


Barreled action - 1761 APR Long Range

The hybrid of precision and tradition

The abutment sits in the solid aluminum action carrier with additional abutment for precise and solid bedding of the steel action.

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System sleeve geometry inspired from the sporting arms sector with high rigidity, flat bearing surface and integrated abutment.

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Heavy duty ANSCHÜTZ precision barrel 647 mm

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Cocked barreled action, firing pin visible.

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Full-length Picatinny rail with 30 MOA pre-tilt

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Special APR bolt handle for fast repeat

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647 mm precisiontarget barrel with reinforced muzzle with groove.

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The foundation of the high precision is the barreled action case geometry inspired from the sporting arms sector with high rigidity, flat bearing surface and integrated abutment. The case is manufactured using highly sophisticated production processes and know-how. The ejector integrated in the case can also be changed quickly and easily if required. The brilliant matte finish gives the Model 1761 APR a timeless appearance that will continue to look outstanding for many years to come. This complete package is rounded of with a factory-supplied Picatinny rail with 30 MOA pre-tilt.

bolt - 1761 APR

Runs easy and quick


The QPQ-coated, finely ground receiver - for even smoother repeating.

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3-Warzen-bolt - a reliable, durable detail for the highest
safety and phenomenal precision.

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Special APR chamber handle for fastest repeat. Particularly grippy design.

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Idler pulley - for even easier and faster repeat

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Three locking lug for maximum safety and phenomenal precision

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The small bearing reduces the force needed to open and to close the bolt. No resistance stands in the way of the fast and pleasant repeat and phenomenal precision. The symmetrically arranged 3-barrel lock ensures maximum safety. Easy disassembly of the lock for maintenance and cleaning. The high-quality and durable QPQ coating provides more glide, wear resistance and corrosion protection, making it perfect for the demanding PRS disciplines and harsh weather conditions.

trigger - 5061 biathlon

A masterstroke


The complete trigger unit consists of high-precision individual parts.

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Ergonomic and silent operation sliding safety.

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The ribbed trigger blade can be moved.

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  • Adjustable Match-two stage trigger 5061 biathlon factory-set to 550 g, adjustable from 350 - 1,500 g
  • Proven precision from high-performance sports - in summer and winter.

Extremely wide adjustment range for two stage and trigger weight. The place in the rifle with the decisive moment - high-precision parts in harmony in the tightest of spaces. For a single task! Creating the perfect intersection between man and rifle. Close to unique. There is nothing better.

10 shot magazine - 1761 APR

Decisive reserves!


The magazine is made of high-strength and robust steel - and is therefore insensitive to dust, dirt and water.

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10 shot capacity

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The magazine is made of robust stainless steel and high-performance synthetic, making it resistant to dust, dirt and water. The comfortable handling of the magazine due to the grippy magazine base made of high-strength synthetic guarantees best handling even in the worst weather. The magazine, which sits securely and firmly in the magazine guide , is particularly easy to remove. A light press with the index finger on the magazine release lever, and the magazine slides out of the magazine guide! 

The XRS stock from MDT.

Sports stock with chassis functionality

The rubberbutt plate is adjustable by means of 5x 1/4 inch extension elements, the cheek piece can be adjusted by loosening 2 screws without tools. 

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The ergonomic grip is replaced by a vertical handle interchangeable. This is enclosed.

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Integrated thumb rest for a relaxed hand position.

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Aggressive barricade hold for the stable position.

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M-LOK compatible fore-end.

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With ergonomics similar to a traditional rifle stock, the MDT XRS case system is perfect for those who prefer the traditional style but want all the benefits of an MDT case, such as an M-LOK-fore-end, adjustable buttstock, V-block bedding and a free-floating barrel.

Scope of delivery

The following items are always included in the delivery, regardless of how you configure the product!

  • ANSCHÜTZ 1761 APR Long Range Barreled action, mounted in MDT XRS stock
  • Transport rifle case MEGA
  • 10 shot ANSCHÜTZ magazine
  • 647 mm barrel with reinforced muzzle with groove
  • Trigger 5061 biathlon, 350 - 1,500 g, set to 550 g
  • Quality control card with original test fire group


Your personal 1761 - entirely according to your wishes


How to guide your rifle

Right hand version

Left hand version

Grip size

Have everything at grip

grip L

grip for right hand shooters in size L, walnut wood, oiled, with grooved inside.

grip M

grip for right hand shooters in size M, walnut wood, oiled, with grooved inside.

grip S

grip for right hand shooters in size S, walnut wood, oiled, with grooved inside.

Sight sets

The goal always in sight

sight set 7020/20 complete with front sight M18

sight set 7020/10 complete with front sight M18

sight set 6834 complete with front sight M18

Without sight set

Recommended accessories for your target small bore rifle

For the finishing touch

sight raiser blockXXL

18 mm height

aperture insert Vario Swing 9736

Ø 2.8 - 4.8 mm, for M18x0.5, adjustable.

sight raiser block6817

The sight raiser block6817 increases the sighting lineby 8 mm. This allows you to further optimise your position.

Soft case for hunters and target shooters

For the safe transport of your hunting or sporting rifle. As a special feature, the new carrying strap system allows you to carry the case on your back - incl. case lock.



Grip size
Sight sets
Recommended accessories for your target small bore rifle

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