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THE original from ANSCHÜTZ

Here you will find our original ANSCHÜTZ accessories especially developed for the ANSCHÜTZ Precision Rifles. Our complete range of accessories can also be found in our current sales price list, which you can download here.

1782 D G-18x1 APR "TIN" barreled action, 6 mm Creedmoor

A steel barreled action with continuous, 20 MOA pre-tilt Picatinny rail - milled directly from the solid material for maximum stability at the scope mount. The unique, silky-smooth bolt action, which is equipped with a double-row 6-locking lug bolt head and thus offers absolute security, ensures the fastest repeating. The ejection window has been generously designed to ensure reliable ejection of empty cartridges. The link between the shooter and the rifle: the 5082 D APR trigger, with an incredible adjustment range and the trigger characteristic that breaks like glass.

Caliber - Type

item no.: 017154

Technical data

Trigger - Type:
Single stage trigger
Two stage trigger
Trigger - Designation:
5082 APR
Trigger - Weight adjustment range:
750 - 1.200 g
Trigger - Weight set to:
1.100 g
Trigger - Adjustability ignition left/right:
11 mm
Trigger - Adjustability forward/backward:
23 mm
Total length:
845 mm
4.370 g
Caliber - Art:
6mm Creedmoor
Caliber - twist rate:
191 mm
Caliber - number of grooves:
Barrel - Thread:
Barrel - Length:
660 mm
Barrel - Muzzle diameter:
23,5 mm
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