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Known and appreciated worldwide for their reliability and outstanding precision - the ANSCHÜTZ 1710 small bore rifles.

So the ANSCHÜTZ 1710 Barreled action in the MDT ACC chassis has already been ennobled by the IPRS and has received the approval for the Factory Division!

The result when the best of different worlds come together!


Barreled action - 1710 APR

Precision meets state-of-the-art ergonomics

Known and appreciated worldwide for their reliability and outstanding precision - the ANSCHÜTZ 1710 small bore rifles. So it is no wonder that this small bore barreled action has enjoyed an ever-growing fan base since 1954.

The extra heavy and ultra-precise ANSCHÜTZ stainless steel barrel passes through all strict quality controls in-house. Only if the barrel "delivers" a test fire group of the extra class, and meets our high requirements, this barrel leaves our house. An ANSCHÜTZ barrel is a piece of solid reliability and deep craftsmanship passion.

bolt - 1710 APR

Pure reliability

Bolt breech made of stainless steel. Runs super soft inside the receiver.

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The firing pin made of high-strength, hardened steel ensures reliable firing of the cartridges.

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Bolt handle for fastest repeat. Particularly ergonomic and grippy design.

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Easy gliding, buttery smooth bolt movement. Absolutely reliable extraction of the empty cartridge case. Solid construction, tried and tested since 1954. With easy-grip and ergonomically designed APR bolt handle, Cerakote-coated in Crimson Red.

ANSCHÜTZ two stage trigger 5110

The interface between shooter and sporting success


Multiple sliding and adjustable trigger blade - perfect to enable a safe and clean to release the trigger . 

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Ergonomic safety device to be operated.

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More than 25 high-precision individual parts form the perfect interface between shooter and rifle.

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An undisputed core competence of ANSCHÜTZ are the crystal-clear and seamlessly breaking Triggers. Whether hunting or sports - worldwide hunter, top and recreational athletes swear by these qualities. 

The 1710 APR Crimson Red is equipped with the ANSCHÜTZ 5110 two stage trigger.
Preset at the factory to a clear 500 g, this mechanical precision movement offers an adjustment range of 400 - 700 g. In addition, the matchtrigger blade is longitudinally adjustable by up to 17 mm.

Great conditions for a perfect match.

10 shot magazine - 1710 APR

Decisive reserves!

The magazine is made of robust steel and high-performance synthetic, making it resistant to dust, dirt and water. The convenient handling of the magazine due to the proven design guarantees best handling even in tricky situations. The magazine, which sits securely and firmly in the magazine guide, is particularly easy to remove. A light press with the index finger on the magazine release lever, and the magazine slides out of the magazine guide! 


The magazine is made of high-strength and robust steel - and is therefore insensitive to dust, dirt and water.

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10 shot capacity

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The ACC Premier Chassis from MDT.

Pure functional ergonomics.


The magazine release lever is integrated in the trigger guard. The magazine can be removed quickly and easily by lightly pressing the magazine release lever.

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The ACC Premier chassis is made of hard anodized aircraft aluminum 6061 and Cerakote coated.

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The butt plate is adjustable in height as well as length by a sophisticated Barreled action. Likewise, the cheek piece can be adjusted in height.

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The generously designed thumb rest enabled a quiet and relaxed position.

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Vertical grip for a relaxed, natural hand position.

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Aggressive barricade hold for stable position in shooting position.

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M-LOK attachment points on all sides of the fore-end. fore-end with dovetail with retaining screws for mounting accessories such as a bipod.

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The ANSCHÜTZ 1710 small bore-Barreled action was wisely married with the MDT ACC chassis. No other stocks makes as much of a splash among sporting precision shooters as MDT's products.

The stock is continuously adjustable in length, the cheek piece in height. This is additionally tilting for best adaptation to the shooter.
The stock can be equipped with weights* and attachments on both fore-end and the buttstock. The recesses at fore-end are fully M-LOK compatible and thus suitable for a wide range of equipment.

*Weights available through MDT TAC

Scope of delivery

The following items are always included in the delivery, regardless of how you configure the product!

  • ANSCHÜTZ 1710 APR barreled action, mounted in MDT ACC PREMIER chassis
  • Transport rifle case MEGA
  • 10 shot steel magazine
  • 508 mm barrel with barrel thread 1/2″ - 28 UNEF
  • Two stage trigger 5110 APR, 400 - 700 g, factory set to 500 g
  • Quality control card
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