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LaserPower IV Target Ver. 4x, 5-fold target image - Set

item no.: 016574

With the LaserPower target box, even the little ones can emulate their biathlon idols. The LaserPower target box is based on the biathlon targets and shows whether you have scored a hit by means of white illuminated target fields. The target box can be operated with a power supply unit or with batteries. This makes it possible to operate the target box outdoors without a power supply, for example. The target reducer can be easily attached to the target box with Velcro and reduces the hit field size from 35 mm to 15 mm in diameter. This ensures even more excitement. The target box can be conveniently controlled with the remote control. The remote control allows you to reset the hits, adjust the brightness of the target fields and switch off the target box. The target box can be operated with the supplied power supply unit or with batteries, regardless of location.

Technical data

95 mm
21 g
410 mm
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