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5065 4K two stage trigger ball bearing 100 g for air rifle

item no.: 007433

ANSCHÜTZ match triggers have always set standards in quality, reliability and precision. With the newly developed, patented trigger 5065 4K ANSCHÜTZ presents to the top sport a mechanical trigger, which surpasses all previous ANSCHÜTZ Triggers . You could probably say it is the world's best mechanical trigger ever. The patented trigger 5065 4K impresses with its unprecedented extremely short release time. The axial ball bearing (4K=4 balls, marked yellow) of the trigger lever guarantees an absolutely play-free bearing of the trigger blade. The resulting harmonious and evenly running first stage travel leaves nothing to be desired. The very clear contrast when reaching the pressure point gives the shooter a very precise contact with the shot.

Technical data

Trigger - Type:
two stage trigger
Trigger - Weight adjustment range:
30 - 170 g
Trigger - Weight set to:
100 g
Trigger - Adjustability ignition left/right:
11 mm
Trigger - Adjustability forward/backward:
22 mm
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