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compressed air cylinder air rifle aluminum silver, 43 cm

item no.: 013359

Silver compressed air cylinder aluminium pressure gauge (max. 200 bar). Suitable for all ANSCHÜTZ compressed air rifles. 

Use: Maximum 10 years (see information on the cartridge); no reuse afterwards. The compressed air cylinder must be disposed of afterwards. 

The cartridge(s) is/are shipped empty, as due to legal regulations compressed air cylinders may not be shipped filled. 

Since your safety is very important to ANSCHÜTZ, the original ANSCHÜTZ compressed air cylinders (max. 200 bar) are subjected to a very elaborate and expensive type test as well as an extensive and continuous inspection and acceptance, also during the entire manufacturing process. Please look for the original TÜV seal of approval on your compressed air cylinder. Please do not use compressed air cylinders which do not have this seal of approval or which have expired! You may endanger yourself and others! Please use only original ANSCHÜTZ-compressed air cylinders and be sure to observe the operating instructions! ANSCHÜTZ accepts no liability for damage of any kind caused by modification of parts, conversion or installation of non-original ANSCHÜTZ parts or by failure to observe the operating instructions. 

ATTENTION: Using NON original ANSCHÜTZ-compressed air cylinders will damage your air rifle and will void liability and warranty.

Technical data

410 g
430 mm
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