Slight rust is forming on the barrel cone. Problem?

Rust formation on the barrel cone is caused by moisture (e.g. hand sweat).

Due to the different composition of sweat, it is quite possible that some shooters do not have problems with flash rust, but others do. The composition of the sweat depends on the personal constitution, the ambient temperature, the state of acclimatisation and, to a certain extent, the diet.

If rust film is only on the outside of the cone, this is only an optical defect. However, it is possible that the hand sweat enters the inside of the barrel with the pellet . The rust that develops can then have a negative effect. The rust that develops can then have a negative effect on the shooting performance .

For these reasons, avoid moisture on the barrel cone and wipe the barrel with an oily cloth after each shooting. For further information, please refer to our operating instructions.

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