1727 F Straight pull

Fast, precise and elegant

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1727 F - Straight pull leads to success

Straight pull means minimal movement during repeating and to release the trigger and of course super fast eject and reloading. These advantages are very important in hunting. With the model 1727 F we have perhaps the fastest small bore straight pull model on the market. The "as fast as an arrow" and highly precise manufactured Barreled action has been from our world-famous biathlon rifles and adapted to the needs of hunting and the dynamic shooting disciplines on the shooting range. The result: a high-end repeater with straight pull for the hunting market, sprung from the sport of biathlon. Fast, precise, elegant. 1727 F


Barreled action - 1727 F

Solid heart that inspires with speed

thumb rest, the thumb closes the Barreled action.

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The silver-grey nitrided receiver gives the 1727 F, cal. .17 HMR its sporty look.

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magazine guide with magazine release lever, ergonomically shaped, for quickest magazine change.

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Additional abutment for perfect bedding of the action in the stock.

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The Barreled action is factory-equipped with an 11-mmprism rail that allows flexible mounting of optics.

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ANSCHÜTZ precision barrel for high-precision point shots.

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Set back muzzle or barrel thread ½"-28 UNEF
with threaded bush.

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Globally adapted receiver from the biathlon. High-quality coatings: silky smooth (bolt!), particularly resistant (to the effects of weather) and protected against corrosion. Ideal for hunting. The robust receiver carries two 11 mm prism rails for flexible mounting of various hunting optics.

straight pull action - 1727

World-famous and winner of several Olympic gold medals at biathlon


Seven locking balls ensure maximum safety and allow absolute speed at repeat.

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The handy bolt handle is opened with the index finger and closed via the thumb rest .

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The bolt is closed by pressure via the thumb rest .

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Seven hardened steel balls for a secure lock. The easy-grip, knurled bolt handle , optimised for hunting, enables incredibly fast follow-up shots: The index finger opens - the thumb closes. The movement is made from the wrist, the trigger hand remains on the rifle.

5020/1 - trigger



More than 50 high-precision
individual parts.

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The sliding safety can be operated almost silently.

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Versatile adjustable
trigger blade .

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Finest lapping, low weight, highly hardened: a precision piece of extreme robustness. With finely adjustable trigger weight (90 g to 650 g) for target-oriented interaction of the entire action. The place in the rifle with the decisive moment: 50 high-precision parts in harmony in the smallest space for a single task - to form the perfect "interface", the interface between man and rifle. Close to unique and meanwhile adapted by other manufacturers. There is nothing better.

Magazine - 1727

Supplies in hiding

The magazine is made of high-strength and robust sheet steel - and is therefore insensitive to dust, dirt and water.

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4-shot, caliber .17 HMR

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Securely engaged, the magazine disappears almost invisibly into the stock. Made of weather-resistant steel, the magazine defies dust, dirt and water and feeds loaded cartridges precisely and quickly.

german stock - 1727

Balanced, aesthetic and timeless

Fine-cut, easy-grip checkering.

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Non-slip rubber butt plate.

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Studs (eyelets) for attaching sling swivel and a rifle sling.

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Beautifully shaped german cheek piece with german style stock.

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Made from the walnut wood of ancient forests, visually and functionally refined with non-slip "checkering". Hard and resistant to deformation, natural and individual. No two stocks are alike. The rubber butt plate absorbs recoil and holds the rifle securely in the shoulder at position.

Scope of delivery

The following items are always included in the delivery, regardless of how you configure the product!

  • Transport rifle case Mega
  • 4-shot magazine


Your personal 1727 - entirely according to your wishes

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    How to guide your rifle

    Right hand version

    1727 F - caliber

    Tailored to your needs

    .17 HMR

    • number of grooves: 6
    • twist rate 228 mm

    1727 F - stock

    Aesthetic, timeless, individual

    1727 F german stock

    1727 F - barrel length

    Select your desired barrel length

    22 inch (560 mm) with recessed muzzle

    Muzzle diameter 18 mm

    18 inch (457 mm), barrel thread ½ inch - 28 UNEF

    Muzzle diameter 18 mm

    18 inch (457 mm), barrel thread ½ inch - 28 UNEF, heavy barrel

    Muzzle diameter 21 mm

    1727 F - trigger

    Choose your perfect trigger

    trigger 5020/1

    • trigger set to 550 g
    • Adjustable from 90 - 650 g
    • trigger blade longitudinally displaceable: 17 mm
    • trigger blade tilting: 11 mm

    1727 F - Magazine

    Simple handling, rapid ejection

    .17 HMR magazine - 4-shot

    1727 F - stock wood class

    Natural elegance

    Standard Wood Class

    Premium Wood Class

    1727 F - trigger blade

    Direct contact, quite unique.

    1727 F trigger blade, black

    trigger blade Match versatile adjustable, silver color

    Recommended accessories for your ANSCHÜTZ hunting rifle

    For the finishing touch

    Soft case for hunters and target shooters

    For the safe transport of your hunting or sporting rifle. As a special feature, the new carrying strap system allows you to carry the case on your back - incl. case lock.

    sling swivel, for mounting on studs



    1727 F - caliber
    1727 F - stock
    1727 F - barrel length
    1727 F - trigger
    1727 F - Magazine
    1727 F - stock wood class
    1727 F - trigger blade
    Recommended accessories for your ANSCHÜTZ hunting rifle

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