ANSCHÜTZ at the IWA Outdoor Classics 2023 in Nuremberg

From 02 - 05.03.2023 the IWA Outdoor Classics 2023 opened its doors for the 49th time. ANSCHÜTZ has been a participant of the international arms exhibition in Nuremberg since the very beginning. At this year's IWA ANSCHÜTZ presented many new products from the fields of hunting, biathlon, sports and light beam shooting to the international trade fair. As an absolute highlight the complete new product segment APR - ANSCHÜTZ Precision Rifle was presented, which was developed especially for the requirements of Precision Rifle Shooting.

Our novelties

APR - ANSCHÜTZ Precision Rifle

The APR models have been developed especially for the fast and strongly growing market
"Precision Rifle Shooting" and combine the ANSCHÜTZ core competences highest precision, excellent manufacturing quality and unique Triggers with the solid and worldwide known chassis of the MDT brand.

1782 APR

6 mm Creedmoor | 6.5 Creedmoor | .308 Win.

A Barreled action of steel. Purity and goodness - classic burnished. The bolt in classic black, ultra hard coated with DLC. Immovably anchored in the MDT stock made of aircraft-aluminum for outstanding shooting performance. Rugged and resistant to heat or cold. High-precision finishes that excite on the outside and let the bolt slide resistance-free on the inside. A reliable companion with impressive accuracy and function. You can always rely on it! The integrated, continuous Picatinny rail with 20 MOA pre-tilt allows for flexible, simple and solid scope mount.

1761 APR

.22 l.r.

The Model 1761 APR was developed especially for the small bore PRS disciplines. A highly precise and modern small bore barreled action from the ANSCHÜTZ armory, paired with the ergonomically shaped XRS stock. The self-centering 1761 bolt locks with three locking lug, is equipped with a brilliant match trigger which is factory set at 750 g and underlines the precision of this total package. On the case is a full-length Picatinny rail with 30 MOA pre-tilt, for ease and flexibility scope mount. Rounded of with a 10-round stainless steel magazine that is quick and easy to change. 1761 APR.


For the friends of small bore sport shooting we present the ANSCHÜTZ Premium small bore rifle 22 MAX - for all those who want to win and achieve the maximum - maximum details for maximum success. For the beginners and intermediates we present the model 1761 Match walnut, a precise, light and extremely reliable sport-small bore rifle, which is also perfectly suitable as a club rifle. The new rear sights of the 8000 series was developed and produced according to the highest quality standards. Thanks to the use of stainless steel, the rear sights is weatherproof. Thanks to the comprehensive range of accessories, the rear sights is suitable for biathlon as well as for sport small bore- and air rifles as well as for centerfire rifles and crossbows.


.22 l.r.

22 MAX - Maximum performance. The new ANSCHÜTZ Premium small bore sporting rifle was developed with this claim in mind. Numerous innovative details make this small bore rifle the master of its class. A worldwide unique, completely new developed bolt action, a concept for the storage of the system in the stock trimmed to the highest precision, as well as the highest demands on the selection of the materials used. All this at high end premium level - 22MAX!

1761 Match

.22 l.r.

The new single loader small bore -sports rifle 1761 Match walnut is based on our high-precision Barreled action 1761 with short bolt throw and has been adapted to the requirements of target shooters. A big advantage of this small bore rifle is the very short and compact bolt action, which allows fast and ergonomic reloading. For the perfect entry and ascent.

Diopter series 8000

The new rear sights series 8000 was developed and produced according to the highest quality standards. The use of stainless steel makes the rear sights weatherproof. Thanks to a comprehensive range of accessories, the rear sights is suitable for biathlon as well as for sport small bore- and air rifles. Furthermore, this rear sights can also be used for sport big bore caliber- and crossbow disciplines.


Model 1782 is now available in Gold Line and Black Line versions. These models are characterized by specially coated components and result in unique overall packages, which are convincing in functionality and appearance all along the line. For friends of the synthetic stock, the ANSCHÜTZ 1782 is now also available in the well-known and proven GRS Bifrost stock, which can be adjusted to the respective situation in just a few steps thanks to the Speed-Lock 2.0 Barreled action.

1782 Gold Line

.243 Win. | 6.5 Creedmoor | .308 Win. | 6.5 x 55 SE | .30-06 | 8×57 IS | 9.3 x 62| .300 Win. Mag.

The 1782 Gold Line radiates elegance and uniqueness and impresses with an exclusive appearance. The gold-colored components are titanium-nitrided (TIN). This exclusive overall package is rounded off with an elegant bolt knob made of beautifully grown walnut and the selected premium stock woods included in the scope of delivery of Gold Line configurations.

1782 Black Line

.308 Win. | 8×57 IS

The 1782 Black Line is characterized, among other things, by deep black DLC (Diamond Like Carbon) coated components. Combined with the Classic PRO stock made of beautifully grown walnut and height-adjustable black comb , you get an elegant and timeless-looking overall package that is rounded off with a trigger-hunting magazine. 1782 Black Line.

1782 GRS Bifrost

.243 Win. | 6.5 Creedmoor | .308 Win. | 6.5 x 55 SE | .30-06 | 8×57 IS | 9.3 x 62| .300 Win. Mag.

For friends of the modern synthetic stock. The Bifrost stock from the house of the well-known stock manufacturer GRS consists of a fiberglass-reinforced composite material. Rubberized surfaces ensure a firm and secure grip in position. The SpeedLock 2.0 Barreled action allows the shooter to adjust the butt plate and cheek piece to his individual needs and withstands any recoil without adjusting.


LaserPower IV Ultra Light Neon Green

The absolute lightweight among the LaserPower light rifles. This 3D-printed light rifle stock weighs just under 810 g and thus weighs only approx. 2,000 g in combination with the LaserPower barreled action. In terms of weight and dimensions, this model is designed for the physical requirements of approx. 8-12 year-olds.

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