Does the service life of 10 years also apply to silver stainless steel cartridges?

The service life of 10 years also applies to the silver stainless steel cartridges.

These are treated like aluminum-compressed air cylinders and also have a maximum useful life of 10 years. Please note that these silver stainless steel cartridges are no longer manufactured and can therefore no longer be checked.

If you return your silver stainless steel cartridge to us, you will immediately receive a new aluminium cartridge against invoice. This aluminium cartridge is lighter than the silver stainless steel cartridge.


According to ISO 26262 the ANSCHÜTZ compressed air cylinders item no .: 013357, item no.: 013358, item no.: 013359 and item no.: 011761 are safety and function relevant components of the ANSCHÜTZ Match air rifles. The use of non ANSCHÜTZ original compressed air cylinders can lead to a reduction of the functional safety or contribute to it, whereby any warranty claims and goodwill become void.

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